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Mahesana Jn (MSH) Patan (PTN)

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The train Msh Ptn Passenger/59475, is a Passenger train. Departing from Mahesana Jn (MSH) which is its source station at 10:40 hrs. it reaches its destination i.e. Patan (PTN) at 11:35 hrs. on the same day with an average speedof 0 km/hr. The train has total 24 coaches with the coach map described as below. Make sure you carry your own food as this train does not have a Pantry available . The train has 0 types of classes available.
Train details
Train Type Passenger
Source Station Mahesana Jn (MSH)
Destination Station Patan (PTN)
Distance Covered 40 Km.
Total no. of Stops 6
Travel Time 0 hrs.
Available Classes
Runs on:
Fare information in INR ( ₹ )
Adult Child Senior Citizen (M) Senior Citizen (W) Tatkal
59475-MSH - PTN PASSENGER Schedule/Time Table and Route Information
No. Station Arrival Departure Platform Halt Day Distance Zone Elevation Speed

intermediate stations

- 10:40 Terminal m Source

intermediate stations

10:46 10:48 2 min m 70 km/hr

intermediate stations

10:56 10:57 1 min m 53 km/hr

intermediate stations

11:10 11:12 2 min m 55 km/hr

intermediate stations

11:20 11:21 1 min m 53 km/hr

intermediate stations

11:35 - Terminal m 30 km/hr

59475 - MSH - PTN PASSENGER Train Summary

59475 - MSH - PTN PASSENGER Train Is A Passenger Train That Runs From Mahesana Jn (MSH) To Station To Patan (PTN) Station. It Starts From Mahesana Jn (MSH) At 10:40 hrs.(10:40 AM) and reaches destination station Patan (PTN) on the same day. It Covers A Total Distance Of40 km and takes 0Hours To Complete The Journey. The Average Speed Of The Train Is 0 km/hr. During The Journey It Reaches TheTop Speed Of 70 km/hr. The Train Has The Highest Halt Time Of2 Minutes In (RUJ) Ranuj Jn And The Total Halt Time Across All Stations Is 6 Minutes.
In Between It Crosses Following Intermediate Stations
Mahesana Jn, Panchot, Dhinoj, Ranuj Jn, Sankhai, Patan

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