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Chedhabanni H to Begu Sarai (CDBN-BGS)
Thu, 28 May 2020
Train Timing & Seat Availability - Train between Stations

Total 3 trains found.
There are total 0 seats available for this journey on and around 2020-05-28. The - has the maximum available seats. The - has the minimum waiting list.
Trains running on 2020-05-28 : 3
Fastest train: KIR-SPJ PASS ( 01:17 )
Slowest train: KIR-HJP PASS ( 01:47 )
Train with maximum seat availability: (-)
Train with least waiting: (-)
Total seats available: 0

There are total 3 trains running exactly from (CDBN) Chedhabanni H to (BGS) Begu Sarai.

Train No. From To
55539 Daily 06:38
55537 Daily 11:24
55223 Daily 15:21

Alternative Trains (Trains traveling from/to near by stations).

Train No. From To

Trains which doesn't run on this day

Train No. From To
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00 Seat Available
00 RAC
00 WL-Waiting List
NA Not Available
TD Train Departed
CD Charting Done
ER Error
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Route Summary

There are totally 3 train(s) running from CDBN to BGS on weekly basis. The earliest trains in this route is 55539 - KIR-HJP PASS which starts at 06:38 and the last train of the day in this route is 55223 - KIR-DBG PASS . The fastest train in this route is 55537 - KIR-SPJ PASS which runs at an average speed of 42 km/hr.

Chedhabanni H comes under ECR/East Central and its address is . Nearby stations to Chedhabanni H are Mahes Khunt , Mansi Junction , Gauchhari , Badla Ghat , Khagaria Junction , Dhamara Ghat , Pasraha , Umeshnagar , Fungo Halt , Bharat Khand .

Begu Sarai comes under ECR/East Central and its address is . Nearby stations to Begu Sarai are Singhaul Halt , Tilrath , Lakho , Bihat Halt , Barauni Bypass , Danauli Phulwaria , Barauni Junction , Garhara , Barauni Flag , Dinkar Gram Simaria .

The average distance between Chedhabanni H and Begu Sarai is 54 Kms.


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