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Train Route
Station Arrival Departure Day Distance At
Tenali Jn (TEL) 14:15 1 0 Km.
Chinnaravuru (CIV) 14:20 14:21 1 3 Km.
Zampani H (ZPI) 14:29 14:30 1 9 Km.
Vemuru (VMU) 14:35 14:36 1 13 Km.
Penumarru H (PUMU) 14:43 14:44 1 20 Km.
Bhattiprolu (BQU) 14:49 14:50 1 23 Km.
Pallikona (POA) 14:57 14:58 1 28 Km.
Repalle (RAL) 15:15 1 33 Km.

Information (PASS):

This is a Diesel Multiple train.
This Train runs from Tenali Jn (TEL) to Repalle (RAL).
This train runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
There are total 8 stops on the route of this train.
This train covers 33 Km in total.
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