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Travel the world by train is a beautiful experience. Some people get tense while booking the train tickets. We all wondered how the 10 digits PNR number is generated or what the importance of PNR number and what the numbers indicates? Here you can get all the details about Indian Railways PNR status, How to check PNR status, How Railway PNR works, How to Enquire PNR status, PNR status meaning etc. If you want to check your current reservation status, enter the 10 digit PNR number in the box given above and click “Check PNR” status button.

What is PNR Status? :

PNR stands for “Passenger Name Record”. It is a 10 digit unique number that gives lots of information to the ticket holders. The Indian Railways PNR status gives the information such as status of your booking, whether the ticket has been confirmed (CNF) or it is on waiting list (WL), whether the ticket is under reservation against cancellation (RAC), apart from PNR status gives the basic information on arrival and departure time of trains. Once you book a train tickets on Indian Railways, a 10 digit PNR number is issued and you can see the PNR number on top left corner of the ticket. In e ticket, PNR number is located in different place so you can see the number on top half of the page. This Railway PNR status helps to know that the booking status of such waitlist tickets changes when there is any availability of seats due to cancellation.

Importance of PNR status check:

Most of the people don’t know what the importance of PNR is and they assume all the information is already mentioned on their tickets. But the PNR status concept is launched globally by Indian Railways is to easily share the data of the booking status with other travelers and also checking the availability of seats while your ticket is in waitlist. Basically, the final charts are prepared usually 4 6 hours before the train departure time; your waitlist ticket may get confirmed against the latest seat availability. So, you have to check the PNR status prior to boarding the train. While checking PNR status live, it shows the conformation chances in percentage. If you see the confirmation chances to be above 80%, you are safe and you can relax a bit. If it is below 60%, you must book another ticket or you can modify your travel plan after the train PNR status enquiry.

How PNR works?

PNR is a record in the database of Indian Railways computer reservation system (IR-CRS). Centre of Railways Information systems maintains a database where all information about the passengers are fed and stored on daily basis. Passenger’s personal information like name, gender, age etc is saved in the database against the reference number.

How to Check PNR status:

Lots of way is available to check the train PNR status. Here I listed some most popular way:

  • Train PNR status enquiry online
  • PNR status check using SMS
  • Train PNR status check using Mobile Application
  • Check PNR status by Final reservation charts
  • Railway enquiry counters at Railway station

Train PNR status Enquiry Online:

You can easily check the PNR status by visiting some online websites. Here I listed some websites that you can use for Train PNR status Enquiry.

  • - This is an official port of Indian Railways which is maintained by Centre for Railway Information systems (CRIS). You just visit this website and enter your PNR number to know the status.
  • - IRCTC is the official partner of Indian Railways. Just login into IRCTC website and visit Booking Ticket History. Finally select your E ticket and click “Get PNR status” to know your status.

PNR status check using SMS:

For Train PNR status enquiry, you can send your 10 digit PNR number to Indian Railways number 139 for PNR enquiry. After that you would get the updated PNR information on your message box. You can also send the SMS to 5676747 and get the updated information.

Train PNR status check using Mobile Application:

Lots of mobile applications are developed and available for checking PNR status. PNR status application is developed for the various platforms like Android, IOS, Windows phone, Blackberry etc. You can easily found that and installed on your mobile phones.

Check PNR status by Final reservation charts:

The final charts are prepared usually 4 6 hours before the train departure time; your waitlist ticket may get confirmed against the latest seat availability. So, you have to check the PNR status prior to boarding the train.

Railway enquiry counters at Railway station:

If you are not able to visit any websites or using any mobile applications, you just ask to railway enquiry counter attendee.

PNR Status meaning:

The following list explains how a train ticket status plays an important role in train journeys.

CNF Confirm If PNR status shows CNF, the passenger seat has been confirmed and will be allotted after charting.
CAN Cancelled Train ticket has been cancelled.
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation It means the passenger is allowed to travel and two passengers share the same berth. A full berth is allotted to one passenger with RAC ticket when a confirmed passenger does not board the train.
WL Waitlist Passengers are not allowed to travel the train with Waitlist ticket and it will cancel before 30 min departure of train. If the ticket gets confirmed before 30 min of departure, you can travel.
GNWL General Waitlist This waitlist gets confirmed after the passengers cancel their confirmed bookings.
RLWL Remote location Waitlist A remote location waitlist has high chances for confirmation.
TQWL Tatkal Waitlist If the passenger book tatkal ticket and it is put on waitlist, the status is shown as TQWL.
PQWL Pooled Quota Waitlist
RSWL Road Side Waitlist
REL Released
NR NR stands for No room. It means no more booking allowed.
NOSB No seat Berth

Types of Ticket Quotas:

Lots of ticket quotas are available in Indian Railways. Here I listed types of Ticket quotas in Indian Railways.

GN General
LD Ladies
HO High official / Headquarters
DF Defence
HP Handicapped
OS Out station
RS Road side
RC Reservation against Cancellation
FT Foreign Tourist
PH Parliament House
DP Duty Pass

PNR prediction is very important term in Indian railways as many people have faith in it. It is always not possible that you get a confirmed train ticket especially at festival time. But you have 80% chances of ticket confirmation in normal days. Related Searches for PNR status: indian railway pnr status , railway pnr status pnr status live, pnr status train, pnr status train check, pnr status check, train pnr status enquiry, train running pnr status, train pnr status check.

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